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Our Society has published two books, and intends to publish further collected historical information about our local neighbourhood, as books, pamphlets, CDs or on our website, whichever form we feel to be most appropriate. The following list is not yet very extensive, but it will be expanded in future years.

The Diary of Benjamin Rogers

Benjamin Rogers, born in 1686, was Rector of Carlton during the period 1720 - 1771. He was a man of wide interest and acquaintance, and his diary covers the period 1727 to 1752, providing many fascinating details of village life in those times. A transcription of this diary, edited and annotated by C.D. Linnell, was published by the Bedfordshire Historical Record Society (BHRS) in 1950, as Volume 30 in the publications of that Society. It was republished as a facsimile edition in 1999 by the Carlton & Chellington Historical Society, with the permission of the BHRS, under the title of "Historical Carlton through the Diary of Benjamin Rogers" (123 pp., no ISBN). This volume is unfortunately out of print at the moment, though we are contemplating a further reprint.

Knighton Grange, by Mary Wade

Mary Wade, née Knight, was brought up on an isolated farm near Odell (about two miles from Carlton) during the 1890s. This book contains reminscences of her early life, including her school career at Harrold, and it describes in loving detail the joys and hardships of growing up in rural England at the close of the 19th century. The volume is charmingly illustrated with sketches by the author's friend Constance Northern. The manuscript was written during the 1960s and then lost; it only came to light again in recent years, on the death of Mary's daughter. It was subsequently transcribed by Mike Meade, who has added notes on Mary's life and further illustrated it with some of her family photographs. Knighton Grange was published in 2012 by the Carlton & Chellington Historical Society (ISBN BX00095019, 120 pp.). Printed copies are available from the Society's Hon. Secretary (, further contact details on the Society's Home Page), price 5.00 per copy, or 6.20 per copy including postage. Alternatively, you can read it online at the Knighton Grange web site.

A Brief History of the Strict and Particular Baptist Cause at Carlton, Beds., by Moses Beeby

A Baptist church was established in Carlton in 1688, and it flourished for over 300 years. Its Meeting House, built in 1760, still stands, though it is now a private house. Moses Beeby was Carlton's Baptist Pastor from 1913 to 1952, and in the years 1925 - 1927 he wrote a history of his church, drawing his information mainly from the Church Books (which still survive) and, for the late Victorian era, from the reminiscences of elderly members of his congregation. Moses Beeby's account of the development of his church is coloured by his own religious views, and is not always accurate either in historical terms or in matters of detail, but it does provide a broad outline of his topic. The Society has prepared two versions of this history. One is a simple transcription with an index, which may be downloaded as a PDF file (see below). The other version contains facsimile pages of Moses Beeby's handwritten history together with an extensively annotated transcription; it has additional illustrations, a bibliography and a much expanded index. This version is available on a CD, priced at 10 (including postage) available from the Chairman or Secretary of the Society (details on the Society's Home Page).

Download a simple transcription of Moses Beeby's history of the Carlton Baptists (PDF, 203kb).

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